Founded in 1959, the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) is a not for profit association of banks operating on military installations.


    The AMBA 2015 Workshop will be held August 29 - 2 September, 2015 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia.  Click here for more information.



    Each year the Association of Military Banks of America provides partnership support to several military support organizations.

Who is the Association of Military Banks of America?

Founded in 1959, the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) is a not for profit association of banks operating on military installations, banks not located on military installations but serving military customers, and military banking facilities designated by the U. S. Treasury. The association's membership includes both community banks and large multinational financial institutions, all of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

AMBA Member Institutions:

  • DoD approved, federally insured banking institutions or branches of such institutions located in a military establishment or on a military installation.
  • Banking institutions or branches thereof serving military personnel but not located on a military establishment.
  • Commercial corporations involved in the financial industry and providing bank-related materials and services.

Recent Blogs

  • 03 March, 2015 Regulatory Agencies Release Guidance to Encourage Financial Institutions’ Youth Savings Programs During Military and America Saves Week

    What a week!  Last week was Military Saves Week 2015.  A week to kick-off the year-long campaign for Military Saves.  Military installations, financial educators, military banks and credit unions, non-profit organizations, military service organizations and many, many others came together for the week to encourage the military community to save more successfully.  Set a goal, make a plan and save automatically was the theme this year.

    Coincidentally, it was also America Saves Week, and the discussion about the importance of saving was heard far and wide throughout the country.  In addition, the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) held its quarterly meeting.  The FDIC, OCC, Department of the Treasury and many other government, public and private sector organizations, including the Department of Defense (21 total organizations) attended the FLEC meeting which focused on a new initiative; Starting Early for Financial Success.  “The Commission will now focus on improving Americans’ financial capability in childhood, a critical time in an individual’s financial education.” Treasury’s Under Secretary for Domestic Finance, Mary Miller said in last week’s meeting.

  • 24 February, 2015 Department of the Air Force Call for 2014 Distinguished Bank of the Year Awards

    Attached is the 2014 Call for the Air Force Distinguished Bank of the Year Awards.  All award nominations for 2014 should be submitted IAW attached memorandum/nomination form, a cover memo from the installation commander (or vice-commander) and a copy of the current operating agreement.  Nominations must be received NLT 31 Mar 15.

  • 20 February, 2015 Two AMBA Member Banks Named as Best Military Banks by GoBankingRates.com

    Congratulations to AMBA member banks First Citizens Bank and USAA Federal Savings Bank for being named as two of the top 10 Best Military Banks and Credit Unions named by GoBankingRates.com!

    Realizing the unique needs of the military customer, GoBankingRates.com has released three annual reports of their picks for 10 Best Military Banks and Credit Unions.  Furthermore, the article explains who can join each institution and what specific features elevate the bank to the “best” status.

  • 09 February, 2015 Rainy Days Forecast - Pack an Umbrella

    By FINRA Investor Education Foundation Staff

    Most of us appreciate a sturdy umbrella on a stormy day. We don’t always know when we’ll encounter rain, but unless we live in the desert, we know that eventually rain will fall. So we buy umbrellas, raincoats and boots to protect ourselves against the inevitable downpour.   

    Rainy day funds, or emergency savings, protect us too. We can’t always predict when we’ll have a money emergency, but we know that eventually a financial crisis will arrive. Setting aside money in a rainy day fund shelters you from a financial storm. 

    Chances are, you’ve already experienced a financial squall or two; it’s tough to go through life without them. An unexpected automobile or home repair, a surprise tax bill, or an unplanned trip home for a funeral or wedding all qualify. 

  • 04 February, 2015 The Department of the Army Announces their Call for 2014 Distinguished Bank of the Year Award Nominations

    Please note the Department of the Army call for nominations for the Army's Distinguished Bank Service Award for 2014.  The award recognizes the on-base bank branch that provided exceptional service and support to its Army community above and beyond routine financial service offerings during 2014.