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    Andia Dinesen

    Connecting AMBA Members and Member Banks with each other to promote collaboration and partnerships.

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    Thank you, Andia. As mentioned in the fall workshop, StreetShares has developed proprietary technology for capturing and processing lending applications since it is a direct lender itself.

    This technology is available in module format with related services to AMBA Member Banks. (Modules: commercial lending, underwriting, and consumer lending).

    An example of module usage:
    The commercial lending module can easily embed in the member’s webpage for commercial loans. The module can remain “white labeled” and would capture (as well as possibly pre-approve) the member’s applicant for a commercial loan based on bank underwriting preferences. Both member branch personnel and member bank clients could open lending applications.

    StreetShares is working with banks in Northern Virginia in such fashion. As an AMBA Corporate Member, StreetShares is offering its technology at little or no cost to AMBA Member Banks.

    For more information and inquiries, StreetShares has created a page for AMBA Member Banks:

    Feel free to contact me directly regarding this AMBA Member Bank service. Respectfully, Brendon Dibella ( and 202.600.0850)

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by  bdibella.

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