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“Military Saves Week 2018 is a great opportunity for the military community to assess their savings and overall financial health.  Each year during Military Saves Week military banks located on installations all over the world are providing special incentives, products, services and financial education. Stop in and see what your military bank is doing for Military Saves Week and see how they can help you Make Saving Automatic.”  – Major General Steven J. Lepper (USAF Retired) President and CEO, Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA)

Military Saves Campaign 2018 begins with Military Saves Week – February 26 – March 3, 2018

Military Saves Week 2018 Department of Defense Memo is here – please use this memo for planning purposes at your installation.

Military bank activities, promotions, incentives and specials for Military Saves Week 2018 (coming soon).  If you are a military bank and would like to share how you are participating this year with Military Saves please email

The 2018 Military Saves Campaign will get underway during Military Saves Week, February 26 – March 3, 2018.  As part of the larger nationwide America Saves Campaign, Military Saves will again be conducted in cooperation with the Consumer Federation of America.

As in prior years, the Military Saves Campaign is a year-long effort for the DoD military community, and the military banks have traditionally played a key role in supporting the Campaign.  The result of a successful Campaign is the enhanced financial readiness of military members and their families by reducing debt and fostering a saving culture.

AMBA and its member banks have a record of strong support for the annual Military Saves Campaign since its inception.  Many AMBA member banks have developed robust programs for Military Saves Week, and we at AMBA Headquarters encourage the banks to build on past successes and make 2018 even better.

For more helpful information, please visit

Information for AMBA Member Banks:

Click here to sign-up to participate in Military Saves Week 2018.  Even if you have signed-up in the past, Military Saves creates a new list of participating organizations each year, so please sign-up again.  You will also receive news, updates, and free co-brandable materials for Military Saves Week.  Now is the time to begin your plans for Military Saves Week 2018.  Promoting the benefits of savings to servicemembers and their families, offering incentives for customers or members to open or add money to savings accounts, holding workshops and developing new partnerships are just a few of the many ways to help servicemembers and their families take financial action during Military Saves Week.  Please partner with the installation personal financial manager and others at your installation for a successful program.

Download the Financial Institution Participation Kit 

Digital Military Saves downloadable materials.

Download the Digital Communication Kit  – This is your most useful tool! 

Take the Military Saves pledge and encourage other to do the same.

2018 Savings Themes and Topics

Monday, February 26: Save with a plan

  • Goal setting
  • Saving for education
  • Paying down debt

Tuesday, February 27: Save the easy way…automatically 

  • Fintech
  • Separate savings accounts
  • Financial management

Wednesday, February 28: Save for rainy days

  • Emergency savings
  • Transition funds (Deployments, PCS moves, TDY)
  • Build good credit
  • Good spending habits

Thursday, March 1: Save to retire

  • Blended Retirement System and TSP
  • Long-term investments
  • Low- and moderate-income savers
  • Gig economy

Friday, March 2: Save the extra

  • Tax-time savings
  • Combat pay
  • Income and windfalls
  • Savings tricks and tips

Saturday, March 3: Save as a family

  • Saving for fun
  • Teaching children to save
  • Building financial security

Key Dates – Mark your Calendars

November 1: Military Saves Week registration opens

November 30: Military Saves Week Digital Toolkit available 

  • Blogs posts
  • Social media posts and graphics
  • Emails

December: Series of webinars on how to motivate savings during Military Saves Week

December 8: Flyers, posters, and payroll stuffers available & How-to guides on encouraging financial action available

December 22: #ImSavingFor contest marketing materials available

December 29: Sample press release and proclamation available

January 11: PSA script available

February 16: Events due for inclusion in initial Military Saves Week calendar

February 26: Military Saves Week kicks off with press event and tweet chat

The America Saves Designation of Excellence Award – bank criteria for award package.

America Saves is recognizing banks that go above and beyond to encourage people to save money during America Saves Week with the America Saves Designation of Excellence.

America Saves will recognize exceptional banks that succeed in promoting savings or other wealth building accounts and have high levels of accounts opened or added to during America Saves Week. America Saves will recognize not just one, but all banks that achieve excellence during the week at the America Saves National Savings Forum.

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