MILDOCS is an initiative born of decades of military service involving multiple moves across the world. In each move, our families and those we consulted uniformly cited record keeping as one of their most significant challenges. In some high-risk assignment locations, military families must constantly be prepared for “non-combatant evacuation.” The universal requirement for such preparation is to assemble all important documents in a “NEO Kit” that would be taken by the family to wherever they evacuate. MILDOCS is, in essence, a “NEO Kit.”

The following pages are intended to provide military families – or any other family that wants to organize their important documents – a guide to identifying, collecting, and storing them. It’s a “low-tech” way of ensuring those douments will be safe from whatever clamaties or emergencies may arise. It’s also a way of eliminating dependence on digital devices and the electricity powering them – niether of which may be available in an emergency. But, this kit is only as effective as your diligence in keeping it up-to-date and your commitment to take it with you if you need to evacuate immediately.


  • Store in a fireproof, waterproof box or safe
  • Notify someone you trust with your personal affairs of its location and how to get it in case of emergency
  • Do not ship in household goods
  • Take out pockets as needed and leave others in safe storage
  • When you travel with MILDOCS, protect it


  • Contact your financial companies
  • Consider “freezing” your credit report


  • Add an envelope with cash – cash can be hard to get in an emergency
  • Keep a digital version of your MILDOCS in a separate place
  • Keep your computer and financial website usernames and passwords on a sheet stored separately from MILDOCS