Military Saves Week Gives Armed Forces Bank Another Reason to Connect with Their Communities

Armed Forces Bank created many opportunities for their customers, servicemembers, and their families to put their savings goals front of mind.  From state governor proclamations, to local command proclamations, educational briefings, “I’m Saving For” and kids’ coloring contests, and more, Armed Forces Bank showed their communities how important it is to be a saver. 

Military Saves Week 2019 was busy for the 36 locations of Armed Forces Bank.  Reaching out into their communities on the installations where they are located is nothing new for Armed Forces Bank, they do this every day of the year. However, each year during the Military Saves Week the bank, their employees, and their partners with the Exchange, come out in force to celebrate and participate in events during Military Saves Week.

Over 13,000 youth and adults committed to saving by taking
the Military Saves Pledge at table events and presentations that the Armed
Forces Bank branches held.  This
culminated in 310 savings accounts opened and created a huge buzz around the
importance of saving. 

Military Saves is a yearlong campaign that provides
resources and information throughout the year to its savers and partners.  Armed Forces Bank participates year-round and
will hold events and continue to spread the importance of saving message next year
during Military Saves Week 2020.