Newsletter Archive

August 2019
30 August 2019 – Veteran mentor in banking, what challenges are facing military medicine, beware of fake check scams
24 August 2019 – Start saving small, GI bill changes, done PSCing – file your claim, & AMBA Members: ATM needed on Pittsburg Reserve station
16 August 2019 – Education benefits for servicemembers, getting your teens college-ready, providing protection for mil consumers
9 August 2019 – Why young adults are not quitting the traditional bank branch, new improved IRS withholding estimator tool, and TSP reminds investors to stick to their plan
2 August 2019 – Buying your first house? – FDIC Consumer News, Military Saves annual report, Military OneSource August newsletter & more

July 2019
26 July 2019 – Military Consumer Protection Month – Military Consumers and Marketplace Loss, What should you do if you have been scammed – Equifax breach and more
19 July 2019 – Myths about the military and personal finance, bank of the year award winners, & there’s still time to register for the 2019 AMBA Workshop
12 July 2019 – It’s Military Consumer Protection Month!  How to save for retirement on the gig economy.  New TSP webinars.
5 July 2019 – Flexible TSP withdrawal options coming soon, 11 Banks awarded Designation of Saving Excellence, and it’s military consumer protection month

June 2019
28 June 2019 – Rules for credit monitoring, 2018 FINRA Financial Capability Study findings, money tactics for deployment, and how employers can help with emergency savings
21 June 2019 – Financial checklist for recent high school graduates, steps to double your TSP, and going from battlefield to banking in this week’s newsletter
14 June 2019 – The Paycheck Checkup – the IRS suggests this is a good time of year to check your withholding and AMBA Member Bank offer to help combat fraud
7 June 2019 – New TSP withdrawal options and more to watch this year. Military Saves transitions to Military Saves Month in 2020.

May 2019
31 May 2019 – The FED’s 2018 SHED data released, Misadventures in Money Management, Burnout is high for enlisted troops, AFFN receives Patriot Award 
24 May 2019 – Grant program supports families at Little Rock AFB, SMs have higher levels of fin. well-being, data released: financial readiness & privatized housing
17 May 2019 – Enrolled in BRS? You may be seeing thousands in continuation pay. Saluting Trust – May edition & Fort Hood National Bank teaches Fin Ed to ROTC cadets
10 May 2019 – Long-term use of financial wellness programs drives retirement success, 2019 Blue Star families survey is open, & ABA Community Commitment Awards
3 May 2019 – The 2019 America/Military Saves Week survey & Designation
for Savings Excellence award submission ends today!

April 2019
26 April 2019 – Fiscal future of social security and Medicare, Army may need bigger continuation pay incentive to retain troops, & FINRA launches new fintech office
12 April 2019 – Veteran financial well-being, millennials & money, TSP Q1 statements, BBBI’s Saluting Trust, and Bank Solicitation at Whiteman AFB
5 April 2019 – Bank participation in Military Saves Week, retirement bill, and Mil Tax software help

March 2019
29 March 2019 – EITC – what you should know, FDIC breaks down rewards cards, scholarships for mil spouse financial counselors, workers want retirement legislation
22 March 2019 – CFPB complaint snapshot, credit mistakes could be costing you money, mil banks – fill out the survey for Military Saves Week, last day to take the StreetShares survey
15 March 2019 – CFPB Analyzing first-time home-buying data for servicemembers, BBB Saluting Trust shares the biggest scams of 2018, military bank surveys, and more…
8 March 2019 – FINRA mil spouse fellowship, Military Saves Designation of Excellence, Financial education at work, Member bank survey & more
1 March 2019 – It’s Military Saves Week 2019.  Have you taken the pledge? Military overpayments, MilTax season & more…

February 2019
22 February 2019 – Ways to cut student loan debt, SaveYourRefund during 2019 tax season, veteran & mil spouse fellowships, AMBA member bank – ATM solicitation, & more
15 February 2019 – CFPB proposal may help small-dollar lending, Fellowships open for vets and mil spouses (soon), MSW2019 is 2 weeks away – are you ready?
8 February 2019 –  Bank of the Year award noms open, Military Saves Week digital toolkit is here, TSP annual participation statements, & AFFN Community Support program
1 February 2019 – CFPB – OSA releases military complaint data, tax changes & updates for military spouses & vets could mean money in your pocket.

January 2019
25 January 2019 –  Military guide to tax resources, SaveYourRefund campaign, AFCPE financial counselors, aid societies, and FIs can help during the shutdown.
18 January 2019 – Military Saves Week digital toolkit is here, student debt keeping young people from buying homes, need help during the shutdown? Contact your FI today
11 January 2019 – 1 in 3 eligible active duty troops sign up for BRS, ABA’s focus on military and veterans, vets paying high prices for cash out refis, and more.
4 January 2019 – Affected by the government shutdown? how your financial institution may be able to help, TSP guidance, building credit from scratch, and more.