Eric Halvorson – Director

Eric Halvorson is the head of Customer and Team Member Excellence for Wells Fargo Auto. Wells Fargo Auto offers consumers vehicle financing and offers dealers a complete suite of products and services to help them manage the business side of their dealerships. Wells Fargo Auto is a leading auto lender with more than 11,000 dealer relationships and a portfolio of $56 billion helping over 3 million consumers with their auto financing needs.

In his role, he is responsible for the design and execution of processes, product, data and technology strategies that improve the team member and customer service experience for both consumer and auto dealer customers. His team works to build and enhance team member engagement and collaboration across Auto and to provide world-class service by continuously improving the customer experience through a comprehensive understanding of their needs and desires.

Before joining the stagecoach, Eric held progressive leadership roles in sales, service and operations for other financial institutions. Eric is also a veteran of the United States Navy and the Minnesota National Guard.

Eric has been with Wells Fargo for over a decade and has a long history of transformative leadership and placing customers and team members at the center of all aspects of the business.

Eric joined Wells Fargo Auto from the Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovation (PVSI) team where he co-founded and led the Operations, Support and Services groups of the Wells Fargo Gateway, an enterprise-level delivery channel that utilizes APIs to bring Wells Fargo’s vast array of banking products and services to our customer’s digital experience of choice.

Eric received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Eric is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.